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Project description [Founder]

Leading creative and marketing initiatives at my sustainable minded art gallery, 360SEE, in the busy boutique corridor of Bucktown in Chicago, I was always looking for ways to create awareness for my young brand. 


PhotosOfPeopleTakingPhotosOfMyDog capitalized on the through-the-window interaction, between passersby and my gallery dog, captured in over 100 photos featuring the 360SEE logo. A word-of-mouth marketing experience – imagined as a blog – POPTPOMD translated into brand exposure, increased web traffic, in-store visits, and trackable revenue. 

The blog made the gallery a sought out tourist destination for more than just art and furniture. POPTPOMD was featured as an experience on the City of Chicago’s ‘Explore Chicago’ website and recognized by as a Top 10 Dog Art Blog. POPTPOMD received visits from around the world, was featured in a 2-page spread in a Russian digital culture magazineand received a creative selfie submissions from Singapore. Homer even had his own pet trading cards that were handed out in-store.


On a daily basis, people would stop in front of my gallery’s large picture windows and photograph my French Bulldog, Homer, sunning himself or ‘standing guard’. 

While people were sharing these images on social media and with friends, I wanted to create an experience that extended the connection between the gallery brand, the photographers, and the pictures’ audience. To this end, I turned the tables on the unsuspecting photogs and stealthily began to take photos of people taking photos of my dog through the window. After a couple of days I began posting the photos to a blog, PhotosOfPeopleTakingPhotosOfMyDog (POPTPOMD). The blog not only showcased photos of people taking photos of my dog, but also afforded the photographers to submit the photos that they took of the gallery dog — to be digitally exhibited beneath the photos that were taken of them. SO META…

Beware of Blog Photos of People Taking Photos of My DogA strategically placed “Beware of Blog” sign in the gallery window and instructions on how share photos with POPTPOMD on every page of the blog provided all that was needed for people to take part in 360SEE’s experiential meets digital marketing experience.



Hey, that’s me! …
or I have a picture of Homer!

Do you see yourself taking a photo of Homer?

Send me your name and reason for taking the photo and I will include it in the post.

Do you have a picture of Homer you took?
Send it to me and we will post it.

This is your forum for the pictures you have shot of my dog.

Email us @ or post your photo to our Facebook Fan Page along with your name and date of your photo.

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POPTPOMD ran from May 2009 until Homer’s passing in October of 2011