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Digital Project Management, Business Development, Wireframe Design, Content Creation, WordPress, e-commerce (WooCommerce), Social Media

Project description, [Digital Marketing and Business Development, Creative Director]SITE NO LONGER LIVE

When I joined Eddystone Designs (the creative division of a larger manufacturing, engineering, and metal supply company) it wasn’t much more than an exclusive technology — the ability to engrave color into titanium with lasers — and a small handful of products. The only digital asset that existed for the line of color engraved, titanium, everyday carry items was a Facebook Fan page with less than 10 Likes. 

Challenged to go live with an e-commerce website in a matter of weeks, working with a previously contracted web development team, I led the launch of the first version of the brand’s WordPress / Woocommerce website, featuring less than two dozen products.

Responsible for content writing, SEO, SEM / PPC, website analytics, product database management and product design from an industry research perspective, I grew the website to over 200 products in the first year with first page presence for defined SERP keyword queries for both web and image searches. 

Unsatisfied with the website’s ability to realistically represent the products’ full range of transformative colors, with static images, I worked with my team to create animated gifs for every product page. While it was an enormous undertaking, the animated gifs provided users with a truer-to-life experience and resulted in a 30% increase in web-generated sales during the following 6 months.

As the company outgrew the competencies of the initial outside web development team, I hired and managed a new outside team — at a substantial cost savings — to further optimize and secure the site.

Growing the wholesale arm of the brand, the high margins of the retail business did not outweigh the comparatively small volume. After a thorough revenue analysis I led the roll-down of the e-commerce retail section of the website in favor of building content, landing pages, and logic based forms dedicated to the needs of the high-volume promotional products industry.



While the brand experienced tremendous strides, year over year, ownership decided to change direction and closed the Eddystone Designs division and website in November 2015.