360SEE x Lise Lefebvre



Creative Direction, Concepting, Curation, Project Management

Project description

Bärenjäger (Bear Hunter) Rug by Lise Lefebvre x 360SEE [Creative Director]

BlanketStatementI can’t remember where I first saw the work of the talented Amsterdam based French fabric artist Lise Lefebvre. It was somewhere in the depths of the internet where I discovered her Blanket Statement, a reformed vintage Dutch blanket transformed into a bearskin-style rug featuring contemporary custom stitched embroidery,  glass eyes, and a hand painted plastic mouthpiece. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love. I knew that it would be a perfect piece for my sustainable-minded art gallery, 360SEE and I was right. It took longer to ship the carpet from Amsterdam to Chicago than it did to sell.

I contacted Lefebvre to tell her about our success and to discuss future collaborations.
While her Blanket Statement carpet was very well received and we had proof of concept, there was room for refinement in the creation of future pieces.  

The vintage blanket that Lefebvre used in the Blanket Statement piece, while beautiful, was thin and its scratchy wool construction was rough to the touch. If we were to grow sales and increase profits on future pieces, the textiles used as the foundation for the rugs needed an upgrade — Persian rugs, perhaps.  Additionally, while Blanket Statement was marketed and priced as a design object / floor sculpture, it lacked the artist signature or makers mark that one expects.

Barenjager-SignatureAfter presenting my thoughts, Lefebvre agreed that she could elevate her vegan bearskin rug concept by sourcing vintage Persian and other carpets to use as the foundation for her pieces. She also agreed to add a signed and numbered limited edition label to be sewn on all future bearskin pieces. These changes provided a higher-end feel to the pieces and increased the perceived value.

Our next challenge was to come up with a new name for the series of vegan bear taxidermy rugs. While playful, Blanket Statement no longer worked for pieces that were not to be made from blankets. Further, I felt that it was more important that the name of the pieces should make reference to the bear more than to its material construction.

Lefebvre got back to work producing new rugs, based on the specifications that we had determined, and I was tasked with concepting a new name for the series.

After extensive research and brainstorming we decide on Bärenjäger (Bear Hunter) Rugs


A German word, Bärenjäger translates to Bear Hunter.  Bärenjäger (Bear Hunter) Rugs retained the playfulness of Lefebvre’s original Blanket Statement piece while also acknowledging the bearskin shape and its kill-free construction.

The new name, use of higher-end materials, and the addition of the signature labels increased the interest and demand for Lefebvre’s pieces, setting record sale prices for her work. We received press coverage in major design and lifestyle publications locally, nationally and internationally and to this day the gallery has presold all Bärenjäger (Bear Hunter) Rugs before they’ve cleared customs.