www.eddystonedesigns.com, [Digital Marketing and Business Development, Creative Director] – SITE NO LONGER LIVE When I joined Eddystone Designs (the creative division of a larger manufacturing, engineering, and metal supply company) it wasn’t much more than an exclusive technology — the ability to engrave color into titanium with lasers — and a small handful of…

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Growth University

Growth University, Base [Content and Community Manager] While working for the SaaS company, Base, I managed the operations for the company’s small business marketing and sales blog which included creating editorial calendars, editing copy, creating content and sourcing / designing graphics. I recruited a roster of over 20 guest bloggers and…

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360SEE Website


www.360SEEgallery.com After 360SEE celebrated it’s third year at its Chicago, Bucktown neighborhood,  gallery storefront, timing and data informed me to transform the brick-and-mortar location — with an active digital catalog presence — into a virtual e-commerce gallery. Spearheading the gallery’s evolution from a retail location with a catalog web presence into a fully functioning…

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Photos Of People Taking Photos Of My Dog

PhotosofPeopleTakingPhotosOfMyDog.blogspot.com [Founder] Leading creative and marketing initiatives at my sustainable minded art gallery, 360SEE, in the busy boutique corridor of Bucktown in Chicago, I was always looking for ways to create awareness for my young brand.    PhotosOfPeopleTakingPhotosOfMyDog capitalized on the through-the-window interaction, between passersby and my gallery dog, captured in over…

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