Promotional Products

COLOR ENGRAVED TITANIUM PRODUCTS by Eddystone Designs [Creative Director] When I joined Eddystone Designs (the creative brand of an industrial fabrication and engineering company) it wasn’t more than an exclusive technology (the ability to laser engrave color on titanium), a small handful of everyday carry products (keychains, bottle openers, money clips, business cards), and…

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Photos Of People Taking Photos Of My Dog

PhotosofPeopleTakingPhotosOfMyDog.blogspot.com [Founder] Leading creative and marketing initiatives at my sustainable minded art gallery, 360SEE, in the busy boutique corridor of Bucktown in Chicago, I was always looking for ways to create awareness for my young brand.    PhotosOfPeopleTakingPhotosOfMyDog capitalized on the through-the-window interaction, between passersby and my gallery dog, captured in over…

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Noah's Ark Chandelier - Creative Director

Noah’s Ark Chandelier

NOAH’S ARK CHANDELIER, [CREATIVE DIRECTOR] When a client approached me needing a Noah’s Ark Chandelier for their barn — providing no other information except that it should include their dogs and ‘wow them’ — I scratched my head for a second and then got to work. After a site visit to the barn to determine proper scale…

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Vegan Bearskin Rug

Bärenjäger (Bear Hunter) Rugs x 360SEE

Bärenjäger (Bear Hunter) Rug by Lise Lefebvre x 360SEE [Creative Director] I can’t remember where I first saw the work of the talented Amsterdam based French fabric artist Lise Lefebvre. It was somewhere in the depths of the internet where I discovered her Blanket Statement, a reformed vintage Dutch blanket transformed into…

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